The History of Capoeira

Origins of capoeira:
Capoeira is a Afro Brazilian art form. Its origins are from Africa as Capoeira evolved
from the African slaves who were brought over by the Portuguese to colonise Brazil.
Enriched in history and philosophy, capoeira is widely practiced in Brazil and now across the world.

The benefits of capoeira:
Through the practice of capoeira an individual can greatly improve on the physicality of the body.
Capoeira is unique with its movements, balances and stretches. Constantly moving and swaying increases your cardio.
The twists of body shapes increase mobility and flexibility.

Our group:
Apêiara translates as searching with guidance for the right path.
Its founder Mestre Casquinha from São Paulo Brazil currently teaches in Cyprus.
I did my first class with him and was completely hooked with his vibe, teaching and passion.
We have a great and historic lineage that goes back through some great capoeira Mestres (masters) and teachers.
Our style is contemporary and fun.